200th anniversary of Jacksonville

Residents pose for a picture during the 200th anniversary celebration of Jacksonville.

The Village of Jacksonville celebrated their 200th anniversary of their founding on Saturday, June 13.

The town was founded by William Thomas, a native of Pennsylvania, and named after his friend Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.

By 1880 the population grew to 140 and featured a number of shops within the town including two dry good stores, two blacksmith shops, a wagon and buggy manufacturer, a tannery, a shoe shop and has two physicians.

A group of residents gathered this past Saturday in the town with a cookout to celebrate the anniversary.

“We were honored as a Board of Commissioners to take part in Jacksonville’s special day,” Adams County Commissioner Stephen Caraway said. “The community of Jacksonville has a long history filled with heritage and tradition, I’m pleased that the event was so successful”.