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The time is finally here. Two weeks of miserable, dull, and at sometime tediously boring buildup to the biggest single sporting event of the year-the Super Bowl. Two weeks of microphones shoved in every player’s face, even the ones who you have never heard if there is the possibility of a good quote.

It is possible that the NFL got one thing right and has the two best teams playing in the Super Bowl. The interesting part is that they may be playing in a foot of snow in the game’s new venue, another of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s brilliant moves. We also get two weeks to hear all of the Commissioner’s wonderful new plans to improve the game over the next few years, likely beginning with making sure all the flags that will soon be attached to player’s hips will not be able to be the same color of the uniform. Can’t make it too hard for the defense to find them now!

The idea floating around today is the elimination of the extra point, because it has become too automatic. Someone tell that to Shayne Graham. Goodell said one suggested proposal involved a touchdown being worth seven points instead of six, with the potential for an extra play from scrimmage that would yield an eighth point. However, “if you fail, you go back to six points,” Goodell explained. Did you get all that?

There’s the talk still of an 18-game regular season and expanded playoffs, which the Bengals would still likely lose in. The commissioner wants more games in the overseas market, perhaps Dennis Rodman can set up a game in North Korea.Folks, you have two weeks to digest all these ideas, but perhaps the biggest thing you may have to digest is the very large mouth of Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman.

After Sunday’s NFC championship game, Sherman did his best to mistake befuddled reporter Erin Andrews for Mean Gene Okerlund. (Wrestling fans will get that one.) Perhaps it was the thrill of the moment, but Sherman’s post-game rant was one for the ages, but no matter what you think of him, you would not hesitate to have him on your favorite team because he may be the best cornerback in the business. Bravado is good when you can back it up. As it is, we will have two weeks to hear Sherman’s thoughts on everything imaginable, football related or not. Can you imagine the crowd of reporters he will attract on Media Day?

From my perspective, I am glad to see Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. Class act all the way. How many of you would want to play football after having serious neck surgery? I know, big paychecks talk, but it still takes a tremendous amount of courage to step back behind center and yell “Omaha” 30 times. Between the Manning story, Knowshon Moreno’s tears, and the health problems of Head Coach John Fox, the Broncos should be the media darlings of the Super Bowl compared to the rough, tough, beast-like Seahawks.

Besides football, remember that we have two weeks of hype on Super Bowl commercials to deal with. Of course, now that is no longer part of the plan, who wants to watch?We will likely have Clydesdales and other cute animals, plus some cute kids, and agonizingly the day after the game, news stations will be analyzing the commercials as much as the game itself. All the while, Commissioner Goodell counts the money.

I have no vested interest in who wins the Super Bowl. I just know my wife will cook up something good for me to eat during the game and isn’t that part of what the Super Bowl is about-food? I am not a drinker so I can’t answer beer to that question, though I know the alcohol flows freely out there so be careful. We don’t want any drunk driving crashes to populate the pages of our paper.

So settle back and get comfortable and suffer through the two weeks of Sherman and the rest of the hype that we know as Super Bowl Mania. Personally, I think I will stay away from that and find some time with the real Sherman—the one with Mr. Peabody.

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