Two defendants sentenced to prison Friday

By Angela Shepherd The Times-Gazette

December 27, 2013

Following the two criminal hearings held in Highland County Common Pleas Court on Friday, both defendants are heading to prison.

Jesse J. Carpenter, 22, was sentenced to nearly a year in prison for violating the terms of his probation by getting terminated from the STAR program.

Carpenter was sentenced to three years community control and the STAR program in August after pleading guilty to fifth-degree felony aggravated possession of methamphetamine.

Assistant prosecutor Ross Greer recommended the revocation of Carpenter’s community control because of the termination from STAR, but also because of supervision violations in another county, new allegations that are set to go before the next grand jury, and the more than 25 violations listed in the report from STAR.

While Carpenter admitted on Friday that he had been terminated from the treatment program, he told Judge Rocky Coss that he had gained a lot during his time at STAR. And he told the judge he “caught some tickets” while he was new at the program, but that things had settled down and he was doing good after that. But then he said he was accused of profanity by another person in the program and that “one last ticket” likely did it for him.

Coss reviewed Carpenter’s report from STAR and all the various violations. He said that the program does not take terminating someone from treatment lightly, and when STAR discharged Carpenter, it’s because there was nothing else the facility could do.

The judge also cited the defendant’s negative history with supervision in Montgomery County and the Hillsboro Municipal Court before he revoked Carpenter’s community control and sentenced him to a term of 11 months in prison.

Sentenced to a year behind bars was Fredrick J. Bussell, 42, who pleaded guilty on Friday to possession of heroin, a fourth-degree felony.

Bussell was sentenced to 12 months in prison for the charge based on his criminal history, which includes two prior felony convictions.

Following the hearing, he was taken into custody by a sheriff’s deputy and was transported to the county jail.

Both defendants will be transported at some point to the Correctional Reception Center in Orient from where they will go to their respective detention facilities.

Three years of post-release control supervision is possible for each defendant following the completion of their prison terms.