Former Manchester police deputy faces Grand Jury Indictments

A Grand Jury in Adams County has handed down an indictment of five counts against former Manchester Police
officer Joshua Hayes.
Hayes and former Manchester Chief Jeff Bowling were involved in a long-going dispute over Hayes’ employment
while Hayes had filed a civil suit against the Village of Manchester, Chief Bowling, and the Manchester mayor.
After investigating Officer Hayes, Bowling dismissed him from the force but Hayes was eventually rehired by
the Manchester Village Council, which only made the internal conflicts worsen.
A hearing in the Adams County Court of Common Please has been set for April 12.  Look for more on this
developing story in future issues of The People’s Defender.


  1. Hayes will never get a fair hearing… if the mayor and Bowling has anything to do with it… They should have found a new mayor years ago and they should have fired Bowling. They both have gotten by with so much and they have to put blame on someone….so why not Hayes. Manchester has been going down hill for years and having this Mayor and this Chief of Police in there doesn’t make the city any better. #TIMEFORCHANGE!

  2. Drugs! Impersonating a police officer! Misuse of government property! We do not want someone like him in our schools or patrolling our streets!

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