Trump rally coming to Adams County on Friday morning

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with Dr. Sam Clovis, Co-chair and National Chief Policy Advisor for the Trump campaign.

Campaign will make Nov. 4 stop in Peebles –

National leaders for the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign will make a stop in Peebles on Friday, Nov. 4 to discuss the future of America. National representatives and local leaders will appear in support of Mr. Trump to discuss key issues impacting Ohio and America. The 10:30 a.m. rally is open to the public and all Trump supporters and media are encouraged to attend.
Headlining the event are leaders in the national Trump campaign and members of the agricultural advisory committee. Charles W. Herbster, National Chairman of the Agricultural and Rural Advisory Committee for the Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, Dr. Sam Clovis, Co-chair and National Chief Policy Advisor the campaign, and former Ohio Congressman Bob McEwen will address issues facing America’s agricultural, rural communities and small businesses.
Trump commented, “The members of my agricultural advisory committee represent the best America can offer to help serve agricultural communities.”
On Friday, doors will open at 10 a.m. with the program beginning at 10:30 a.m. The event will be held at J. McCoy Lumber Co. Ltd.’s Wood Depot located at 6 North Main Street in Peebles.
Herbster is a fifth-generation farmer based in Nebraska. He is Owner of Herbster Angus Farms, and Owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Conklin Company, a company that specializes in agriculture and animal health products, among others. Conklin prides itself as a privately owned company that has 45 years of experience offering unlimited opportunities for those looking to build a brighter future for their family, business and country.
Herbster said, “Donald Trump will be a champion for our rural communities, agriculture and the United States as we work to make America great again. I am humbled to be leading the agricultural advisory committee for Donald Trump who is clearly the only candidate with the best interests of the agricultural community at the heart of his policies. After eight devastating years of the failed Obama administration policies, it’s time for a change that allows rural America to thrive again. I am proud to be supporting Mr. Trump and bringing a message of encouragement to Adams County where the real weight of this election is truly understood.”
Clovis is an Iowa-based conservative serving as national Co-Chair for the Trump campaign. Clovis is a Morningside College economics professor, sharing his expansive expertise in economics, national security and international relations as a key member of Trump’s national operation. He describes Trump’s candidacy as historical and reinforces Trump’s unparalleled success and proven capability to get things done.
McEwen is a former Ohio State Representative and six-term member of Congress. Known as Ohio’s Congressman-At-Large, Congressman McEwen was responsible for the federal funding that resulted in the construction of State Route 32 and four bridges across the Ohio River. McEwen currently serves as executive director of the Washington based Council for National Policy
The event is hosted by local businessman and community leader, Jack McCoy. Pastor Phil Fulton of Union Hill Church will give the invocation. Kay Reynolds, Vice Chair of the Ohio Republican Party will lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
“Having national Trump campaign leaders visit Adams County and the small and wonderful town of Peebles represents a breath of fresh air for all rural communities across this great country,” said event host Jack McCoy, President of J. McCoy Lumber Co. Ltd.
“I am hopeful that this event will reflect the support Donald Trump and Mike Pence have throughout Main Street America. Rural Ohio and America should feel encouraged and motivated with a sense of urgency to vote for Trump to change the direction of our country for the better.”


  1. It is rather sad that Adams County residents will not heed and follow our Ohio Gov, Kasich in denouncing Trump. Kasich is a wise man. He knows Trump is not fit to lead this country. Trump is a person who has disparaged POWS, disparaged Gold Star Parents, mocked the disabled, has refused to reveal his taxes which would reveal his dealings with Russia, and has trash talked women and discussed “grabbing pussies.” This is the real Trump. No one with a moral compass should be giving him the time of day.

    1. Paulette, I totally agree with all you say about the Republican candiidate. I hope there are others in the county that see him for what he really is. I usually keep my political thoughts to myself rather than disagree with friends. Just wanted you to know I feel the same way. I just want this over, it’s been bad in every way. Thank you for being eloquent and outspoken. Mary Jo (Hazelbaker) Thomas

    2. You are right Paulette. Gov. Kasich was the only one in the primary that spoke with integrity and knowledge. It is unbelievable that so many applaud Trump’s name calling and racist remarks. How can anyone with daughters or granddaughters vote for a sexual predator and it was his voice saying such horrible remarks. Trump today was speaking of Clinton’s legal actions ahead, but he has over 20 lawsuits pending that won’t go away where he refused to pay contractors for work they did. He destroyed these small business person’s. Trump is saying his plan to create jobs is the same as was done in the 80’s. I lived through the 80’s and there was a severe recession. All voters should think there is a problem with a candidate that his own party members won’t support.

    3. Thank you, Paulette. You said it so well. I cannot believe such a man is leading in the Ohio polls. Putin wants him in office very badly for some reason. That should be enough to frighten anyone.

    4. Out with Trump he’s a disgrace!! I can’t believe our country has to stoop that low! He don’t know nothing about agriculture, foreign policy and plainly has no values at all!!

    5. Gov. Kasich should be ashamed of himself for not supporting the GOP. He didn’t win, and is being a cry baby! Maybe he shouldn’t swing so far to the left if he expects votes. Poisoning our kids with Common Core, and other junk. It’s a sad time to be an Ohioian thanks to John!

      1. You are absolutely right Sonia. I will not vote for Kasich nor Portman in any elections for being turncoats to their own party. Glad Trump is making this stop and hope to be there to cheer him on. Hope he just stomps all over killiary in this election.

    6. Yes, I agree with Paulette and all the people with the same sentiments. Trump is a disgrace to America and our values as a people. Obviously, I cannot attend this gathering as I’d be tossed out by his militia men and thugs. I abhor every thing this moron says.

    7. Don’t be stupid. John Kasich is a sore loser making a fool out of himself. He may as well have endorsed Hillary as far as I’m concerned. Trump is going to be our next President.

  2. I am a big Donald Trump supporter and I value his thoughts on making America great again. I believe when he gets in office, he will do just that. Donald, I believe we can win this fight about poverty and creating millions of jobs for the American people. You have my biggest support.

  3. Please God , Bless Mr. Donald Trump with the knowledge, wisdom, stength, courage, and your blessings to lead us to keep our country the way you intended.

  4. I am more concerned of what Hillary Clinton has done than what they say Donald Trump said some 10 yrs ago. Our Country is being taken over by people that are trying to change everything we stand for and we are letting it happen. It’s time for a change. God willing, Trump will give us that change.

    1. I fully agree. Donald Trump’s inexperience as a politician relates with his followers who are good people who are suffering….who have lost their jobs. What has Kasich done for southern Ohio? Trump is very smart and a builder of improvement and will surround himself with good advisors. Kasich turned his back to his own party and is a very jealous man.

  5. People should be elated to have Donald Trump in this race and even WANTING to take on this monumental job! Put the personal things aside! (We have done that before!). TRUMP loves America and loves us as it’s people! He has the business experience to get our country back on track with healthcare we can afford, jobs to make a decent wage to take care of our families, he will revamp our education system by getting rid of COMMON CORE, which is a useless waste of time! He will appoint Supreme Court judges that will uphold our constitution as it should be! Look ahead to what he will be able to accomplish for our children and our grandchildren! We will be able to once again have the hope that each generation will succeed and prosper a little better than the one preceding it, which is NOT happening with our present government! Hillary Clinton is trying to destroy life as we wish it to be and sell us out for her own personal gain and power! She has shown that she doesn’t care at all about the “little people”, we are on a fast track to life as a third-world country! Open your eyes and actually inform yourself about what is going on! And I don’t mean by watching the MainStream Media!

    1. You said it all!! Couldn’t agree more!! There are so many misinformed people in this country that will still vote for that disgusting woman! I pray that Trump will be victorious!!

  6. Trump is the only one who can stop Hillary. THE DOJ IS NOT GOING TO DO ANY THING FOR HER CRIMES. Our country is being invaded by people who hate America and want to change America to a muslim country. I hope Trump can help small home builders because I am one. The government destroyed our businesses. I will be voting for Trump.

  7. Hillary doesn’t even know what telling the truth means. She is an habitual liar. BUT even worse to me is that I just can’t imagine what kind of heartless people could vote for a person who has no regard for human life. See actually thinks it is OK to murder a child on its due date. A baby is a person from the moment of conception. If you don’t believe that then you don’t believe in God or the Bible. There are so many more reasons to not vote for her I don’t have time to mention all of them. Just still look at the facts and you’ll know. I’m way more concerned about what Hillary has done and continues to do than by something Donald Trump said so many years ago. We are voting for Donald Trump because when you compare the two of them, he is a much better person than she’ll ever be. It’s too frightening to think of a world that my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren would be living in with Hillary as president. At least there’s hope with Donald Trump as President. Trump and Pence 2016

  8. It is interesting to see the wackiness that Clinton trolls spew out. The more I talk with one of these folks, the more irrational they become. What they all fail to understand is that the Clintons have a very dismal future. If she wins, she’ll be impeached. If she loses, she’ll be indicted. Either way, our country will have to be dragged through at least another two years of agony…fighting over this criminal family and her cohorts.

    I hear many saying that this election could easily dovetail with what happened to Nixon in 1972. Personally, I don’t think so. Clinton doesn’t have the sense of decency to resign as Nixon did.

    1. I agree with you Howard. Clinton’s followers become really angry when you point out her problems. Obama will pardon her if they charge her before he leaves office.

  9. I’m not a Trump lover by any means, but we certainly can’t afford Hillary voted in, she’s the most disgraceful and corrupt politician on the face of the earth. Our country is in horrible shape and she would just make it worse. She’s proven she cannot be trusted with our national security, has a terrible temperant and does not know how to make a good decision. Thank goodness she wont stand a chance once the media has no choice other than to report the true news instead of hiding it.

  10. Hopefully, I’ll be coming to the rally with a group of Trump Supporters from Bethel. Mr. Trump is the only candidate that opposes the abominations of abortion and “same-sex marriage”. His America-First policies are long overdue. Kasich can just go suck on a lemon!

  11. Kasich is another who lied when he said he would support an eventual nominee of the Republican Party! I should think his political career is finished. I don’t suppose he cares! Trump is our best bet to save this country!

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